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sunken skulls - live CDR
thames / wether split CDR


a fine boat, that coffin - second nail LP
totally raging anarchist jazz-grind meets chaotic hardcore from germany; the debut full length. songs about construction deconstructed, needing the needle and dancing with broken legs. beautiful color packaging includes english explanations of words sung in the bands mother tongue. ex members of calling gina clark and the apoplexy twist orchestra. produced at bremenskuschelrock studios (shikari/louise cyphre). co-released w/ react with protest / narshardaa / asymmetrie.
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cousins of reggae - summah slamma / bowlcano LP
the debut 12" from this montreal based 2 man mind fuck. utilizing guitar, drums, turntables and voice, the cousins pound out sweat drenched dirty rock from under a sickening haze of overdriven everything. imagine the classic rock stylings of fleetwood mac mixed with the power and grit of noise rockers air conditioning or sightings, and you're just starting to get the picture. this first edition of 300 records are housed in beautiful hand painted one of a kind jackets.
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crib death - shake well CDR
crawling out of the gutters and deep into your skull; it's the debut from this misanthropic montrealler with a serious hate-on for mankind. ‘shake well’, the crib death debut, is a nightmare in two movements. the first, entitled ‘up’ is an ever evolving 17 minute composition that gestures towards the heavens. ‘down’, is a mirror image of the first and completes the instructional lesson on how to shake your very own baby. the first 35 copies include a new, sealed, latex condom. the idea here is to stop reproducing. help control the people population.
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don garnelli - discography CDR
"a 24-song disc that collects the complete "discography" of self-proclaimed vegan edge lo-fi noise grind artist don garnelli, a bedroom blast sculptor from the underbelly of the avant grind underground. the entire body of work is apparently documented here in this nearly half-hour collection; we're talking really obscure, underground stuff here...for an electro grind project that I had never heard of prior to having it recommended to me by ohnono though, don garnelli's music is surprisingly cool, almost more like a kind of super abstract, low-fi electronica than actual grindcore. each track is a hyperspeed blot of digital noise, deformed electronica, and bombed out micro-grindcore, like agathocles and masonna being remixed by via the noisecore cut-up of john wiese's sissy spacek, with snippets of amazingly beautiful post-rock ambience and floating glitched out tones emerging from a fog of boombox grindblasts, vomit vocals torn to pieces, and harsh eruptive feedback and lo-fi guitar noise. sputtering aquatic rhythms battle brutal drum machine blastbeats. oscillating sinewaves roam over piercing noisescapes. pretty wild. the disc is presented in a hand-assembled digisleeve case with pasted on cover artwork depicting a cartoon character getting their head sheared in half by a chainsaw, and includes an insert sheet printed on clear acetate, and is in a limited edition of 100 copies." - CrucialBlast.net
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dreamcatcher - nimbus CD
hailing from the bowels of montreal’s 'ghetto', dreamcatcher blast out with the big guns. nimbus is the debut full length; chock full of enough sinister beats and atmospheric noise-scapes to seriously mess up your face. by harnessing the power of hot wired mixers alongside countless other home made electronics, dreamcatcher has no trouble carving out a distinct sound. past releases on nautical almanac’s in house label 'heresee' and 'alien8 recordings' have been met with praise for a reason. an interstellar combination of cosmic proportions ... this is dreamcatcher.
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panopticon eyelids - mobile asylum band-aid (aka guru gurette) CDR
the debut of montreal psych freaks panopticon eyelids is now available. 'mobile asylum band-aid (aka guru gurette)' is thirty-five minutes of spasm inducing aural bliss guaranteed to provide unworldy extrasensory visions. the cd-rs are housed in three color hand sewn silkscreened packaging featuring the artwork of david lafrance, and lovingly spray painted + hand numbered out of 100 copies. produced on taiyo yuden professional grade CDR for superior quality.

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sunken skulls - live CDR
on december 12, the us and canadian coast guards called off the search and rescue mission for montreals missing daughter, laura gainey. on december 13, sunken skulls played this memorial show for the swept overboard and lost at sea laura - lost, but not forgotten. s.s. blow out the tag-team analog fuckery with dark downer vibes and an attempt at raising the spirit of gainey out of her sunken skull, that is only if it hasn't already been devoured by the inhabitants of the atlantic ocean. painted on acetate covers in an edition of 50. history is dark.
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thames - volumes i-v 5xCD boxset
in one word: epic. moskos (goa/unireverse) + hargreaves (dreamcatcher/cousins of reggae) bend your mind across 5 (five!) compact discs. feel the rumble pack and hear the monster sound. the nastiest parts of a fuzzed-out 24 hour basement freakout compiled for your listening pleasure. can you say 'in the red'? this thing moves, and flows, and explodes. numbered edition of 51 and without a doubt tipping the scale of extravagance. housed in a lavish 5-DVD box with mini-booklet. comparisons (by an american) have been made to the likes of wolf eyes, hair police, double leopards and throbbing gristle but of course i would never say such outlandish things.
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thames / wether split CDR
thames are back with a ripping live set. details are hazy, but this mystery live recording finds the duo in top form - rumble pack and oscillators are all set to GO.
delaware's wether rounds out the disc with 5 tracks of ear-pierceing
mayhem in the vein of a boiling kettles and fried circuits. edition of 50.
PHOTOS: one /// two --- SOUNDS: one --- pressing info --- reviews

white mice - live at as220 CDR
this chunk of plastic vividly reproduces the white mice live experience. that is to say the recording includes each of the following: a life changing sermon, a stupidly annoying wind instrument, raucous audience participation and a thorough thrashing of ear drums and minds alike. this is headbanging music to kill by, perfect for the rotting bastard that festers in the collective conscience of modern man. woah, deep. professionally recorded by christopher rabbit (an albatross live 12") and packed in a stunning three color silkscreened / hand sewn cd case with artwork by the lovely and talented montreal artist leyla majeri. the cd faces are spray painted + hand numbered out of 200 copies.

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white mice - mouse of mendes + LP
the disgusting debut offering (originally self-released) from white mice finds a home on vinyl with an all new bside of nightmare enducing sonic destruction. the record is packaged in silkscreened sleeves and is limited to 502 copies with 100 (sold out) on smoke vinyl.
--"providence rhode island's white mice are a three piece (bass, drums and oscillator) combining the menacing (kinda slouched) posture of black metal with blistering oscillator attack. the band does dress like lab butchered white mice when playing live. churning oscillator attacks, belly-bustin' bass, and demonic wails ... rock music rewired for a generation punch drunk on its own fart fumes" -- ben @ load records

PHOTOS: one /// two /// three --- SOUNDS: one /// two --- pressing info --- reviews

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ohno04 :: a fine boat, that coffin - second nail LP
ohno05 :: white mice - live at as220 CDR
ohno08 :: dreamcatcher - nimbus CD
ohno09 :: crib death - shake well CDR
ohno10 :: don garnelli - discography CDR
ohno11 :: sunken skulls - live CDR
ohno12 ::
thames / wether split CDR
noise01 :: cousins of reggae - summah slamma / bowlcano LP
noise02 :: white mice - mouse of mendes + LP

ohno01 :: ctrl vltg - an experiment in modular synthesis 3"CDR
ohno02 :: the now - 1-sided 12"
ohno03 :: a quiet night... - 8 song demo CS
ohno06 ::
panopticon eyelids - mobile asylum band-aid (aka guru gurette) CDR
ohno07 :: thames - 5xCDR boxset
ohnoxx :: nosuck - fall/winter 2005 sampler 3"CDR


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